I am a professional front end web developer based in London, England. The purpose of this blog is to write about issues in the field of web development as well as about open source projects that I am working on.

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authorRichard Hunter date createdJul 15 2015 08:12 AM
I like to use JSFiddle for sketching out ideas and playing with technologies. Here I present some of the fiddles on my account which I consider a bit more interesting.

CPU simulation

As a web developer, I realise that I bear about the same relation to the inner workings of the CPU as a sociologist does to quantum mechanics. Nonetheless I have an urge to try and comprehend how it works. This Fiddle is a simple simulation of processes run in an operating system. The components comprise a CPU, a clock, a scheduler, an instruction set, and a ready queue. The scheduler takes processes from the ready queue and dispatches them to the CPU which runs the instructions comprising their program. The instructions are rendered in a list as they are executed.

CPU Adder

This was based on a YouTube video which explained how a full adder in a CPU worked. The add() function simply takes two binary numbers as input and adds them together printing out the result to the console. There isn't a huge amount to see here but the example shows how logic gates can be hooked up to facilitate binary arithmetic. I am still considering expanding the example to simulate an entire computer system in Javascript.

Book Reader

A small prototype of an article widget which animates the transition from one page to another.

CSS Grid

A highly simplified version of CSSWizardry

Command Pattern

I'm a big fan of design patterns and this is a simple implementation of the command pattern. The idea behind the command pattern is to store all the data required to call a function at a later time including its name and its parameters. It is useful for implementing history systems which is what I have done here.